Using F# for Xamarin.Forms

October 17th 2015 18:30 - 19:30
Main Stage

For the past several years, Xamarin has been offering tools that let programmers write native applications for iOS and Android devices using C# or F# and the .NET base class library. In May 2014 Xamarin released Xamarin.Forms, which is a platform-independent GUI API that maps to native controls on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, and which allows writing complete mobile applications with a single code base. At this time, Xamarin.Forms applications are mostly written in C#, but F# is increasingly becoming a viable alternative. Join Charles Petzold in this code-heavy presentation that guides you through the process of creating a Xamarin.Forms application in F#, and which demonstrates several valuable F# techniques in the context of a real application, including recursion, piping, and asynchronous processing.

Charles Petzold avatar
Charles Petzold


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