Functionland: A romance of many paradigms

October 17th 2015 13:00 - 15:00
Main Stage

This is an F# workshop for all skill levels where you will work in teamsof 2-3 people to solve problems in F# to progress the story and try to win aspot in the Functionland Knight Academy. It is non-competitive and is all abouthaving a great time coding together. No F# experience is necessary and therewill be extension problems for those that are experienced in F#. Please turn upwith a laptop with Visual Studio Community Edition or Xamarin Studio installed(although because we'll be working in groups you could probably get away withnot bringing anything ¯\_(ツ )_/¯)  

Troy Kershaw avatar
Troy Kershaw

F# lover;; I help organise the F# user group in Sydney (@fsharpsydney);;
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Paulmichael Blasucci

Thought-craft. Practiced daily.


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